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Peter Budaj With A Little Perspective

This was a great comment in the Game Recap below, so much so that I think it deserves its very own post:

Budaj 0-3-0 SV% .824 GAA 4.38
Giguere 0-3-0 SV% .851 GAA 4.38
Theodore 1-0-0 SV% .824 GAA 4.02
T. Thomas 1-0-0 SV% .897 GAA 4.02
Kiprusoff 1-1-1 SV% .826 GAA 4.90
Biron 0-2-0 SV% .800 GAA 6.35
Khabibulin 0-1-0 SV% .882 GAA 4.08
Toskala 1-1-1 SV% .860 GAA 4.36
Leclaire 1-2-0 SV% .850 GAA 4.23

Through Tuesday's games.  There are some large names on that list, many of whom have been cited as much better than Peter Budaj, and yet they have similar statistics.  Jose Theodore, Adrian Dater's long lost love, sucked so bad in his first game he got pulled (and got a no decision).  He's since improved, but come on

And boy, is that Jean-Sebastian Giguere a horrible goaltender.

Great work by Americanario to point out those stats.

Now, per Bob's question in the Game Recap:

By showing he is among the bottom of the barrel, even with the big names, and that his save percentage is tied for 2nd to worst, how does that show he is not the problem, if I’m reading you correctly? Just saying, “Lookie here, these guys suck too so far,” just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry.

The statistics above indicate that 1) Peter Budaj is performing comparably to goalies in the league whose positions as starters are not challenged by anyone, and 2) that it's so early in the season (three games) that these stats can be misleading. 

No doubt, Budaj's numbers and record are crap.  But he's performing comparably to other starters at this early stage in the season.  Comparing him unfavorably to some big names while ignoring the struggles of others is misleading.  Things will improve, people.  They have to.