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This Is A Hockey Blog, So It's Time For Some Rule Changes

Mile High Hockey wouldn't be a very good hockey blog/community if it didn't periodically embrace the National Hockey League's obsession with changing the rules of the game.  Sometimes, adjustments are needed.  No way around it.

Over the past few weeks, especially since the start of the new season, MHH has enjoyed a very nice increase in members and readers.  The site statistics are looking good.  I'm getting more emails and the game threads are getting more comments.  This is all great.

But I'm worried that something might be holding us back.  Though relatively tame by Internet standards, some of the content that has graced MHH game threads since last year might be considered a little too "adult" for some readers.  Or some employers.  While we all appreciate beautiful women wearing revealing clothing (and there's been no actual nudity posted), a steady amount of potentially "unsafe" material has been showing up in the comments of front page posts.

As a typical male hockey fan, I have no personal complaints about this trend.  But as a hockey blog administrator, I have numerous reservations.  I'm worried that we could be alienating potential readers with the posting of scantily-clad women all over the place.

So a couple of new rules are in order.  Everyone's adherence to them would be much appreciated:

1. Photos of scantily-clad women are not welcome in the comments of  any front page posts on Mile High Hockey.  This includes game threads.  If a post is on the front page, the contents of the comments should be as "Work Safe" as possible.  Naughty language is discouraged in general but not banned specifically.  Just try to keep it relatively tame.

2. Photos of scantily-clad women and foul language are absolutely welcome in the contents and/or comments of FanPosts.  The Goal Girls for each game probably deserve their very own threads anyway, so feel free to create them yourself.  One caveat, however, is that the titles of such FanPosts should include "NSFW" (not safe for work) to ensure that people don't stumble upon them unaware of the content.  I don't want to eliminate the Lingerie Thread (NSFW) or any FanPost dedicated to my girlfriend Marisa Miller (SFW), but I do want to prevent Avalanche fans from getting fired from their jobs.  Most of us can't afford game tickets as it is.

I appreciate everyone's understanding and adherence to the new rules.  I don't want to put a damper on anyone's fun, but I do have a site to keep under control and a larger audience to attract.  Thanks.

-Net Nanny