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The Weakest D-Link

Seeing Ruslan Salei and Jordan Leopold on the ice for two of the three goals last night made me wonder if there was a trend to be found here. I went back and looked at which pairing was on the ice for each of the even strength goals scored against the Avalanche this year.

Foote & Clark 4
Liles & Hannan 4
Salei & Leopold
Irregular Pairing 2

Of the 17 even strength goals allowed this year, Salei and Leopold have been on the ice for 7 of them. The two irregular pairings consisted of Foote and Hannan for one goal and Foote and Liles for another.

I did the same thing with the forward lines. These are a little tougher because the lines have changed slightly throughout the year and also will fluctuate a little more often during a game. But it still gives you a rough idea to work from.

1st line (Stastny) 4
2nd line (Sakic) 7
3rd line (Arnason) 3
4th line (Lappy & Co) 3

I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the 2nd and 3rd line numbers. Sakic's line is on the ice for a lot more goals than I realized and, like everyone else, I just assumed Arnason was on the ice for every goal scored against us. It's just not the case.