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I Could Get Used To This Whole "Minnesota Losing" Thing

Seriously, this is getting good.  Even though the Calgary Flames are on a tear and have passed the Avalanche in the Northwest Division standings, the Minnesota Wild are finally falling back to earth.

Last night they sucked again, losing 2-1 to the Montreal Canadiens and their young Goalie Jesus.  But it wasn't just normal sucking, it was horrendously frustrated sucking.  The Wild fired 29 shots but only got one goal to show for it, and went 0-10 on the power play.  Seriously, 0-10.  That's worse than the Quenneville-era Avalanche and their piles of dead kittens.

Personally, I blame this on the loss of Marian Gaborik, since he's pretty much the only really talented player on the Wild, other than now-cold-as-ice Mikko Koivu.  Gaborik is one of those superstars of the NHL you'd rather see play for other teams because he's pretty much always injured.  Better to sit in their press box than yours, right?

So yeah, the Wild.  Screw 'em.

Oh, and the below photo needs to be distributed to every member of the Colorado Avalanche defense.  This is how you clear opposing players from the slot:


photo courtesy of Jim Mone/AP