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Recap: Chicago 7 - Colorado 4

Here's your two most recent RMN headlines:

Razor's home debut didn't quite work out the way he drew it up in his mind. The Blackhawks scored 7 (6 against Raycroft) and beat the Avs 7-4. Razor stopped just 17 of the 23 shots he faced - you didn't have to see the game (which I didn't) to know that that's not a good performance. Still, can we put the Raycroft sucks stuff on hold for a bit? We knew we were getting a guy trying to find his game. That doesn't happen overnight, and is there anyone who knows that better than Avalanche fans?

A lot of starters rested tonight, making for some odd line combinations. Paul Stastny played with Darcy Tucker and David Jones. The three combined for 4 goals (that would be all the Avs scoring), 2 assists and 8 hits. They were each +1 in the game - the only 3 Colorado players in the black. I don't think there was much question about Jones making the team before the game, but that certainly solidifies his spot.

I thought it was interesting that Granato put 3 of the guys fighting for a spot - Per Ledin, TJ Hensick and Chris Stewart - all on one line. Unfortunately, it didn't resolve much. Hensick was cut in the eye by a high-stick from Jack Skille early in the first and played sparingly for a while before exiting for good midway through the 2nd. Hensick played just over 5 minutes, Ledin just over 8 and Stewart 13. They combined to muster 1 shot, 1 hit and were a combined -6. If Granato really meant that bullshit statement about deciding the final cuts based on Friday and Sunday's games, these guys are in trouble.

I also noticed on the ol' shift chart that John-Michael Liles didn't have many 3rd-period shifts. His last shift was 7:48 of the 3rd. No mention of any injury in the RMN recap. Speaking of Liles, I think the game summary is screwed up a bit. They have Liles taking a hi-sticking penalty at 5:46, exactly 2 minutes after a high-stick to Dustin Byfuglien. However, the Hawks scored at the 6:10 mark. Not only was it credited as an EV goal, but Liles was on the ice when it was scored. So, I'm figuring his actual penalty coincided with Byfuglien's high-stick (and Hannan's retaliatory roughing?) penalty at 3:46. That's not the only issue - Chicago also apparently has a guy named "Beach Kyle". I wonder if he's any relation to Kyle Beach? I guess scorekeepers need preseason to tune up as well as the players.