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Avalanche preseason stats

I was curious to see preseason stats for the Avs, and I wasn't able to find any. So, I threw them together (rather hastily I might add) in excel. I didn't include the Burgundy and White scrimmage, and stats don't exist for the Frozen Fury game, so these are just for the remaining 5 preseason games. And especially considering the hastily part, it definitely shouldn't be considered official:

All the TOI numbers are averages. The rest of the numbers are totals.

I didn't make a separate sheet for the goalies, but I do have their numbers too:

  • Budaj: 192.7 minutes, 6 GA, 1.87 GAA, .936 Sv%

  • Raycroft: 89.1 min, 7 GA, 4.71 GAA, .781 Sv%

  • Bacashihua: 25 min, 2 GA, 4.80 GAA, .895 Sv%