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Let's Play A Game! SPG For Avalanche Fans

Ever heard of SPG?  Before today, I hadn't either.  But it's an online game in which you guess the player who takes the first shot, is assessed the first penalty and scores the first goal for your favorite team each time they play a game.

Why do this?  Because it's stupid fun, that's why.

Last season Japer's Rink and Pension Plan Puppets had a contest between their readers/members to see who could amass the most points over a season.  It was so much fun they passed the word along to the rest of the SBN kids, including myself.  I figured it would be fun for us, too, so let's give it a try.

All you have to do is go to the website and sign up---it's free of course.  Be sure to choose the Colorado Avalanche as your favorite team and I'll add everyone to the MHH league.  Then make your picks!  I'd very much like to dole out prizes as the season progresses, but as of right now nothing is definite.  Let's just see if it's as much fun as I've been told it is.

For more info, check out the site's FAQ:

How do I Play?

When you first create your account on the site, you must choose which team (of those shown above) to follow. This establishes your team loyalty. You are allowed to play SPG only for that team's games.

For each game, you should predict which player on your team will: 1. Take the first shot on goal, 2. Get called for the first penalty, and 3. Score the first goal...
... for every period, including overtime and the shootout.

You can make picks for every game in the regular season and playoffs for your chosen team. You cannot pick SPG for teams that are not tracked by the site, or those which you have not chosen to follow. If two tracked teams are playing in the same game, you can make SPG picks for yours only.

If, for example, you don't think the team will get a penalty in the 2nd period, you can select the "Won't happen this period" (a.k.a. WNH) option when making your picks.

Note: You are not asked to guess who gets the first penalty in the shootout. That just doesn't happen.

You can edit your picks any time before the league-published start time.

Now, hurry up!  Log in and start making your picks RIGHT NOW!

Also, I'll be posting the scores from each game, so I'd recommend using your MHH user name, just to make things easier.  Wooooo!