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The new ITCS game report

Last year, I introduced a game report that included the Avalanche lines and shift charts. Honestly, my programming skills were (are) such that I was pretty happy with what I came up with. But, it required a lot of work on my end. This summer, I set out to automate a lot more of the process, and, so far, I'm quite pleased with my progress. And, what started out as just an easier way to generate the shift charts has turned into a much bigger process.

Currently, each NHL game is represented by either 8 or 9 different reports. There's a game summary, an event summary, a faceoff report, a play by play, two TOI reports (one for each team), a roster report, a shot report (new this year) and, if applicable, a shootout summary. It's great to have the depth of statistics available, but it can be a little unwieldy. At some point, I decided that since I was grabbing data from several of the reports to make the shift charts, it might be useful to include a lot of the relevant information all on one page.

This is very much a work in progress, and I'll probably be making additions / tweaks / changes all season long. I'll probably finish just in time for the NHL to completely change their format, sending me back to square one. Until then, I'll be doing reports for the Avs (I have the capability now to do it for ALL teams, but I'm not ready to take on that workload...yet). Keep in mind, I just know enough HTML to get myself in trouble. For now, the forms are a little rough. In a stroke of genius, I designed most of it using my 22" monitor at home - and so, they don't look so hot yet on smaller monitors. I use Firefox, and so that's the browser I'd recommend viewing them in. I took some quick peaks in Chrome, and they seemed to look okay. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for IE. If you're using IE and running, say, a 1024x768 resolution...well, um, sorry about that.

For now, here's the 5 preseason Avalanche games we have stats for (the NHL doesn't keep stats at neutral site games in the preseason). I also have the two Bruins preseason games (they played 3 neutral site games). As I said, I have a lot of changes in mind, but for now they're passable (in my opinion). Please feel free to add ideas for improvement in the comments (or send me an email via the about link).