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MHH and Rage Issues


I'll be the first to admit that I get worked up about hockey games in general and the Colorado Avalanche in particular.  I'm passionate, as are most of the members of the MHH community.  However, there seems to the seed of a trend developing at MHH.  The last game thread and Joe's post on the statistics to this point in the season both saw a few comments tend toward the decidedly not cool.  Passion is good, douchebaggery should be reserved for discussions on the state of the Calgary Flames.

We here at MHH want to generate good discussion about hockey and the Avs, enjoy game threads, throw the mainstream media under the bus, enjoy smoking-hot ladies in very little clothing, and generally have a good time.  Questioning someone else's hockey knowledge or joining the blog just to post inane opinions that you lifted from the Denver Post are not conducive to the vibe we have here at The Home of the Unipron.  We've seen an uptick in membership since Mirtle joined up, and it's a great thing, but let's not degenerate to the level of most intraweb messageboards overnight.  Joe has a quick trigger when it comes to Le Banhammier de Truthe.  I'm going to play the role of the responsible parent and let this post serve as a warning:  Let's all chill and enjoy the hockey, people.  Un-twist knickers and remove sand from any orifices that are currently getting irritated.  Lighten up.  This goes for me and Joe too*.   We're 16 games in to an 82-game season.  There's plenty of road left to hoe, so to speak. Hell, the Avs have rattled off some wins lately, let's be happy.  I don't want to have this discussion again**.

* Drafty has no opinions that anybody cares about, so he is exempt for now.

** I do, however, reserve the right to kick Shane in his genitals if he refers to rebound control one more time.