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All Your Avalanche Blogs Are Belong To Me

Mile High Hockey has seen a lot of changes in the sixteen months since SB Nation contracted me to start an Avalanche blog in their network.  We've sought a steady expansion and improvement of the site since day one, and so far we've been happy with the results.  In an effort to keep expanding and keep improving, I decided that MHH needs another regular voice, a smart person with a good reputation that can fill in the gaps I'm unable to fill.

So I told David Driscoll-Carignan (aka Draft Dodger) that he was really talented and well-respected and that he would be perfect for the job, and should move over here and blog full-time.

He totally fell for it.

Starting yesterday, David has assumed the role of co-editor of Mile High Hockey, and has put his own blog, the phenomenal InTheCheapSeats on indefinite hiatus.  He will maintain his existing role as statistical wizard but will also assume the responsibility of writing game recaps (which he's much better at than me).  In short, you'll be seeing a lot more of him.

Some of the cool features of ITCS (like the "Vs. Last Year widget") will be migrating over here, and David has full reign to create new features/widgets/coding nightmares as he sees fit.  If he thinks MHH would be better if it had some new bells and whistles, he has the power to make that happen.

Mike hasn't been left out of the party, of course.  He will also be increasing his contributions to the site, and will play a larger role in the editorial direction of MHH.  His great attitude and sense of humor are invaluable to the site.  We'll definitely be keeping him around.

So that's what's going on.  Even though he's been around for a long time, feel free to welcome David aboard one more time.  We should all be thankful he's here.

OTHER SITE NEWS: Be sure to check out the left and right sidebars for all the new SBN stat and info widgets that are now available to the hockey sites.  The roster, injury reports, team record and division standings, schedule and a news feed are now included!