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Not Even Close: Joe Sakic Is The Best Captain In The NHL


The results of the Going Five Hole Best NHL Captain poll are in, and it wasn't even close.  After dominating his way to the final round, Our Captain, Super Joe Sakic, crushed some whiny baby from the Red Wings by a tally of 532-245.  With the help of the official Avalanche web site forum and blogs like this one, Colorado fans rallied in support of their long-time leader.  Nicklas Lidstrom never had a chance.

This poll proves, without a doubt, that Sakic is the best captain in the NHL.  Nothing is a better gauge of objective, scientific proof than a web poll that can easily be voted on multiple times by any individual with more than one browser and/or computer.  Don't even try to argue with it.  This poll is more reliable than gravity.

THIS JUST IN:  We have received video footage of Ian Laperriere delivering the results of the poll to Lidstrom: