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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. V


That's the Roman numeral for five in the title, by the way, not a nod to classic television or comic book franchises.  What? You don't think V was a classic TV series?  Are you high?  That face-peeling-alien-behind-a-sexy-brunette-candy-coating scene gave me nightmares for years! Look at those suits! FYI, hot aliens started the huge bubble glasses trend, not Louisiana pop tart-lets who sing through their noses.

Anyway, because nobody demanded it, here's another round-up of things that got me thinking about the wide world of hockey lately.  Unfortunately, the Avalanche aren't one of those things.

  • Unwashed heathen Paul Kukla wants everybody to make with the sunshine on December 1st.  Think only happy thoughts.  I'd like to encourage the MHH community to participate.  That means any and all discussion of the Avalanche will likely not occur.  My two co-conspirators and I will try and keep it light and bouncy and bring the happy back to hockey next Monday.
  • Scoring is up across the league (unless your team is wearing a unipron) and three-namer Kevin Paul Dupont at the Boston Globe thinks it's due the the ridiculously minimal goaltending equipment changes. He's completely wrong, but it was cute for him to try.
  • More goaltending equipment news, if you consider people saying the same thing they've been saying for three + years news.  My personal favorite of that article is Jacques Lemaire (of all people) talking about how players can't score because of goaltending equipment.  The fact that he has the lack of logic to use the old "bulletproof vests aren't that big, so why are chest/arm protectors" argument only reinforces my already asthenosphere-level opinion of him.
  • Apparently the only team that can't get completely one-sided transactions to go their way with the Leafs is the Avalanche.
  • I'm currently second in the Colorado Avalanche SPG race. My secret? Pessimism. I'd also like to note the uber-laziness of our co-editors.  DD is a handsome man who fights off advances from smoking-hot supermodels (NSFW) and Shane Giroux all day. Joe is in law school and may have broken up with Dater.  I think only ONE of them has a valid excuse.
  • Speaking of Shane, his recap of last night's game debacle is giggle-filled.
  • Toe bridges come in two varieties: regular and sliding.  Or in my case, broken.  Not good.
  • And last but not least, there's a story in my local paper that our successful CHL team, the Blazers, may be jumping to the AHL soon as a Oilers farm team.  I've gotta admit, getting to see the skill level of the AHL + Avs prospects when the Monsters visit = more of my money going to hockey!