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Game 12: Avalanche At Blackhawks, Preview And Open Thread

Colorado Avalanche
Chicago Blackhawks
5-6-0 November 3, 2008 5-3-3
United Center
Chicago, IL

This game is significant for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will be the first time Joel Quenneville will face his former team as the coach of the Blackhawks. Secondly, it will be the Avs' best chance to break their current losing streak this week, since the next team they play is Minnesota on Thursday.
Who could have guessed the Avs would begin the season with three different streaks? First it was three losses, followed by five wins, followed by three more losses. If they get going on another five-game win streak, things won't be so bad. But who thinks that's very probable?
The Avs have a problem, no doubt about it. And that problem is the defense, something nobody foresaw at all. Before the season started, I ran a poll asking which aspect of the team would be the weakest link. 49 people voted, and only one picked "Defense." That one person was right. The rest of us were totally wrong.
It's not Peter Budaj, and it's not the offense. It's the blueliners and their lazy, ineffectual slacking, their weak clearing attempts, their unwillingness to get opposing forwards out of the slot, their constant lack of effort. Lappy called them out last night. Will it make a difference? Will it cause more problems?
And if somebody sees the real Adam Foote around, tell him he's got a game to play tonight.
ESPN preview.
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