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Game 12: Blackhawks 6, Avalanche 2


photo courtesy of David Banks/AP

Well, this is awkward. 

Honestly, what's my motivation for writing a recap of the game last night?  Do I really want to discuss, in detail, how bad the Avalanche suck right now?  Would that be fun for anybody?

Peter Budaj got lit up, the Avalanche defense was its usual incompetent self, and the offense was firing blanks.  Not so long ago the Avs were 5-3 and fighting for top spot in the Northwest Division.  Now they're in the basement on a four game losing streak and a record of 5-7. 

Really, what more should I write?  If you want a recap, go here.  If one of my esteemed colleagues would like to write a recap of their own, please do.  If you just want to bellyache with me in the comments, feel free.  Otherwise, I'm done here.  This game might as well not have existed.

ADDENDUM: Terry Frei continues to redeem himself in my eyes, with another extremely fair take on Peter Budaj's struggles in net:

This time, goalie Peter Budaj, who had 31 saves, was left out to dry as the Blackhawks outworked Colorado.

A goalie can't be expected to be the ONLY good player on the team.

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