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Game 13: Wild At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

Minnesota Wild
Colorado Avalanche
7-3-1 November 6, 2008 5-7-0
Pepsi Center
Denver, CO

There is a very distinct possibility that the Colorado Avalanche could extend their current losing streak to five games tonight. The Minnesota Wild have had an excellent season to this point, and are a strong team. The Avs have been plagued by inconsistencies at every end of the ice, and will probably be without captain Joe Sakic due to back soreness.
The last time the Avs lost five games straight was last season, between February 12th and February 20th. Jose Theodore was in net for all five (just saying). But that streak was actually 0-4-1, since the team lost the February 20th game in a shootout.
The last time the Colorado Avalanche suffered five straight defeats in regulation was the 1997-98 season. Between March 30th and April 11, the Avs lost six games straight and nearly lost hold of their divisional championship. That remains the longest losing streak in team history, but this year's squad might make a serious bid for a new record.
But the Avs aren't going to lose tonight, they're going to win. They're going to tighten up their defense, focus their offense, and Peter Budaj is going to be stellar in net. They really don't have a choice if they expect to remain competitive at all. 5-7-0 isn't horrendous, but a few more losses and the Avs could see their playoff hopes dashed before December.
ESPN preview.