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Game 28: Hockey-less Recap


A thorough beatdown of the LA Kings helped drive 800+ comments on last night's game thread. That's a good showing after Joe threw down the proverbial gauntlet.  I have to say that the MHH game threads have a nice, laid-back atmosphere where everybody keeps in check, there are very few problems to moderate, and spirits remain high even during the darkest of Avalanche performances.  Hopefully everybody is feeling good about this Avalanche team now that we're a third of the way through the season and only a handful of points from playoff-land.

We had some new blood show up last night (welcome Theodore), some old favorites chime in (RatherDashing, Mike (Avs Fan), TheRed), and Joe even had a post during the course of the game!!!  The thread was carried by the usual suspects including the monstous menage e trois that is Tex, Bubblegum, and The Canary (you thought I'd forgotten?).  However, Savage33 was again one of, if not the, wordiest of the group, however, if he ever degenerates into referring to himself in the third person again, I'll drive to Joe's basement and steal Le Banhammier de Truthe myself and administer justice.  That being said, I enjoyed the game last night, though the 6-1 shellacking went a long way toward that, I'm sure.