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Thinking In Burgundy

More Avalanche related ramblings from the emolanche guy.

  • Over the last 5 games, the Avalanche have been a laughable 38% in the faceoff circle, dropping them from 50.7% on the year down to 48.4%. That's 22nd best in the league. Wojtek Wolski (57.1%) and Paul Stastny (51.3%) are the only healthy forwards over the break-even mark. The rest are just awful. Arnason? 46%. Hensick? 42.  Lappy? 43. McCormick? A jaw-dropping 35 (no wonder he was moved back to the wing). Hurry back, Ben Guite.
  • Is there a reason Jordan Leopold's white helmet can't be the same white as the rest of the team? Or is that some sort of no-contact helmet like the red shirts the injured guys wear in practice?
  • Tyler Arnason already has 3 hits; he's halfway to his career high of 6.
  • The Avalanche are 10-0 when leading after 2 periods. During the Kings game, they showed a stat that the Avs had won their last 17 games when leading after 2nd, the longest current streak in the NHL (obviously, that would now be 18). Now all we have to do if find a way to get the lead after two periods.
  • Breaking the Avs' up-and-down season into 7-game chunks in terms of goals scored, goals allowed and record: 28-23 (4-3), 11-22 (2-5), 11-16 (4-3), 24-19 (4-2-1).
  • I know two people who have lost fingers in accidents with snow blowers (thankfully, one was able to get his reattached). That tells me that Joe Sakic is damn lucky to "just" have 3 broken fingers and tendon damage. It also tells me I'm right not to own one of those blasted things - they scare the crap out of me.
  • He's not the only Joe we'll be missing for a while. Our own fearless leader is taking a well-earned, end-of-semester vacation. Enjoy your Coronas and veggie dogs, big guy - we'll be looking forward to seeing a rested version of you next week.