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Svatos Injury Game


No word on Marek Svatos' injury from the Kings game the other night.  This could mean two things:

  1. It's minor and he'll be in the lineup for the next puck drop, or
  2. the injury is so dour that Avs PR doesn't want to release the news after the announcement of Super Joe's freakish snow blower 'incident.'

Sooooooooo, to keep ourselves occupied, let's play a game (I was inspired by InYoFace's comment in the Sakic injury post).  We all know how the team's hardcore fans perceive the medical and training staff of the Avs.  Hell, we make pregnancy jokes about diagnosis all the time.  This time, let's make it official:

Everybody reply with what the supposed back injury REALLY is.  No bizarre or rare medical condition should be overlooked.  Provide links for any of the really exotic stuff so that we can at least gain some knowledge...

I submit to you: Surfer’s Myelopathy.


EDIT: Svatos is out for Friday's game, Foote is back. Avs are short a forward, though. Who gets the call this time?