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Your Reactionary Ridiculousness Roundup

A collection of the very best comments from around the Avalanche media empire today, because you just can't get enough of reading dumb stuff.

From the Denver Post (emphasis all mine):

I am very disappointed to read that Budaj will get the start Sunday ! Raycroft is just coming off two good games ! Though I thought he was very frequently out of position in the game against Detroit, which made his saves look acrobatic at times and outstanding, and I didn't see the game last night, I think he deserves another start ! The guy is hot right now ! Why not let him play again ?

He was frequently out of position and I didn't see the game last night, but Raycroft is definitely hot.  Trust me.

Raycroft is hot and when a goalie is hot you let him play. Budaj is not hot, why go back to him?
This is pro sports people, everybody should be judged on their performance.
If Budaj is a good pro athlete, he will work hard and make the most of the next time he is in the crease.

Everybody should be judged on their performance except for the coach, the defense, the offense, the training staff, the scouts and the backup goalie.

I am surprised to read that Budaj is getting the next start. If true that is plain stupid. While I think Budaj is a good goalie (either a hero or zero on here) the Avs have a better one sitting on the bench. Even if Granato doesnt beleive in Raycroft you still need to play him more often. For a team with a record like the Avs it simply makes no sense to ride Budaj (although has played fairly well at times)when he hasnt made the case that he should be the #1.
Also very frustrating to read many comments on here that severly lack hockey sense and logic. The contradictions and incorrectness of many comments are both amusing and frustrating.
You dont judge a player by a game or two but Raycroft is much better than most people percieve. Now that he is getting a few games his #'s are improving and his record cant be ignored. How is he not playing???
GoAvs Go Raycroft

I will criticize a lack of hockey sense and logic, contradictions and incorrectness and then immediately follow with a sentence that includes all of the above.

I like how Raycroft looks in net. He always looks so confident and much bigger in net than Budaj, and obviously plays the puck ten times better than boods. I think Raycroft should be number #1 but Budaj was playing great until he got the night off in Detroit. Let’s see if he comes back from a bad outing in Philly and returns to form.

I do not actually watch Colorado Avalanche hockey games, but I sure do have an opinion about them.

And now a couple from the official Avalanche message board (which has been amazingly more rational than the Post and other places):

I hate how Granto loves Budaj so much honestly I have been in Razor's position and it is so frustrating to be out playing the other goalie and still get nothing out of it. Razor is working his hardest and playing well and Granto has decided he doesn't like him, give me a break.

When Granato finds out about what Budaj's been doing to his sister lately, the love affair will be over.

(In response to a comment suggesting that two strong games was no justification for switching up the goalie assignments:)

It isn't about having two good starts. It's about Raycroft losing exactly once during whole season.

Right, just one loss the whole season.  That "whole season" being six games.

I could post more, but JonHaven is probably going insane right now and the rest of you have already fallen asleep.  Sorry.