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The Avs And MHH Had A Big Day Yesterday

December got started with a bang.  It was a really big day for both the Colorado Avalanche and Mile High Hockey yesterday, with a big win and a ton of site activity.  I mean, every guy has a "big day" every once in a while, but that's not what I'm talking about.  Pull your heads out of the gutter, kids.

Team News:

First of all, the Avs scored six goals.  The RPM Line was firing on all cylinders, combining for three goals and seven points.  All four lines scored.  Minnesota, a defensive team that has relied on solid goaltending for most of the year so far, got lit up.

Peter Budaj had his worst game of the year, but still managed to grab the W.  Seriously, how many goalies can give up five goals on 17 shots and still skate away with a victory?  It was vintage (as in the beginning of this season) Avalanche out on the ice.  All offense, no defense, win win win.  Honestly, if we have a choice between boring one-goal hockey that ends with a 2-1 Avalanche loss and crazy exciting one-goal hockey that ends with a 6-5 Avalanche victory, I'll take the latter.  I don't care if Budaj's stats are in the tank if he's got 40 Ws next to his name and the Avs go deep in the playoffs.  I think he'd be OK with that, too.

Site News:

Mile High Hockey pulled in 650 unique visitors yesterday, the biggest day in a while.  And the game thread was ridiculous, with more than 600 comments.  It was so big, in fact, that a post-game thread with over 300 comments is still going over in the FanPosts section of the right sidebar.  That's a nice change of pace from the last few threads that have barely eked out 200 comments.  Pat yourselves on the back.

And I've got to give much love to my colleagues David and Mike for their increased presence on the site.  David's really taken the puck and skated with it, and the response from MHH members and certain outside voices (cough Dater cough) has been overwhelmingly positive.  His recaps have been excellent.  And Mike's keeping things cheery as always, even though that giant floating smiley face was creepy as hell.  Somebody has to be in a good mood around here, though, so I'm in debt to him.

All this excitement yesterday and I missed it.  My first real law school final exam was last night and I was deep in study most of the day.  The final was at the same time as the game, so I didn't get to see a bit of it, but such is the breaks.  I read through the entire game thread this morning and it was just as much fun.

Seriously, thanks to everybody for contributing and staying upbeat despite the crummy season the Avs have had so far.  No matter what, let's keep this place hilarious.  It might be all we have.