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It's Christmas And The Avs Suck, But Ranting Solves Nothing

Adrian Dater's long-delayed mea culpa about his still-infamous "ESPN Rant" from the early days of All Things Avs got me thinking.  What's the value of ranting?  I mean, it feels good, but what purpose does it serve, really?

Dater got mad about something 18 months ago and took it out on a bunch of people in a very public forum.  The only thing it accomplished was a 400% boost to his blogosphere popularity/notoriety and a likely PR headache for his bosses.  And even though he already apologized once, he felt like he had to do it again many months later.

I, too, felt very much like ranting this morning.  I had half of it written before I happened to read Dater's "sorry" note and thought again.  Not that my rant would have called out a bunch of sports news celebrities or been noticed by more than the several hundred people that read MHH every day, but it just doesn't seem worth it now. 

I was going to lament the pathetic, wretched lack of effort the Avs show almost every game, how they leave their starting goalie out to dry almost every time he's in net, how the coach couldn't motivate a fat kid with a deep-fried Twinkie, how the general manager let Andrew Brunette go but signed Darcy Tucker, how it's beyond intolerable that Tyler Arnason continues to get any playing time whatsoever, and on and on and on.

And then I remembered that it's Christmas, and that ranting solves nothing.  Having written half of the screed already, I still wasn't feeling any better, and that wasn't a very good sign.  So I deleted it, and wrote this instead. 

So instead of going off on the infuriating mediocrity that is our dear Colorado Avalanche, I'll leave you all with an old holiday favorite:  The Kitten Cannon!

Happy holidays.