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Thinking In Burgundy

Here are some random mostly-Avalanche related thoughts and observations. My apologies to any fans of both emo and the Avalanche - I just totally stole the perfect future blog name from you.

  • The solid play of Daniel Tjarnqvist would seem to make the team more comfortable to trade a defenseman like Brett Clark or Jordan Leopold for some help up front. But it might also be boosting his own trade value - if the Avs don't move one of their top 6, "Tjarnie" might be a good deadline aquisition for someone.
  • Yes, I'm bummed about Sakic. But, I'd rather have him in April and May rather than November and December.
  • That obviously goes for Peter Forsberg, too.
  • I can't help but notice that Stephane Yelle has more points than Sanjaya Arnason.
  • Speaking of upcoming free agents, the Avs don't have many notable players hitting the market next July (Lappy, Arnie, Leopold...) but the year after that? Look out: Hejduk, Tucker (buh-bye), Svatos, Clark, Salei, Foote.
  • I don't really care too much about Sean Avery. But...
  • As many people have pointed out, the NHL looks pretty stupid for suspending Avery when so many others before him have said worse. It sure seems like the league is trying to follow the NFL's lead here. Par for the course for the suits who run the NHL - when in doubt, just do what good leagues do. Then again, this is a league that instituted a new rule during the playoffs.
  • I've also heard some people say that it would have been better for Avery to play so that Phaneuf could handle the "punishment" himself. I guess those people are not familiar with the two cowards, highly selective players involved.
  • My favorite part is how clear it is that Avery's own teammates hate him. Certainly, that's nothing new - as the end of this old Ian Laperriere interview reminds us - but geez, yesterday marked just 5 months to the day since Avery signed with the Stars. Don't worry, Dallas fans, just 3 1/2 more years to put up with your diminutive clubhouse cancer.