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SB Nation Continues To Expand Its Hockey Offerings

Well, the SBN family of hockey blogs just welcomed two new bundles of joy into the world.  And by "new" I mean they were pre-existing blogs that migrated over to the SBN network.

The first is the ever-epic, gloriously historic Eyes On the Prize, a hugely literary and informative Canadiens blog that has been around for quite some time.  Seriously, Habs fans know hockey, and Robert L. at EOtP exemplifies this fact.  It's great to have him on board.

At the other end of the historical spectrum is the second new hockey blog to be added today: Litter Box Cats.  That's right, true believers, SBN has added a Panthers blog!  And you thought it wasn't possible.  Oh, it is.  It is possible.

Please drop by these two great blogs and welcome them both aboard.  The SBN Hockey Blogging Onslaught moves ever forward!