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It's Time To Merchandize!

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Okay, people.  What's a good Internet meme/obscure inside joke without a decent physical representation of that meme/obscure inside joke for public consumption?  

Well, I'm here to fill the gap.

Depending on the feedback I get, I'd like to have t-shirts made with a little phrase that we all can't live without typing any chance we get.  How about it?  Would you buy this shirt or something like it?

I'm open to ideas, if you're open to plunking down $16 or so for the shirt.  I wouldn't mark up the price more than 50 cents or so from whatever CafePress would charge.  I'm not in it for the money, honey.  And I'm also not married to this idea, so if nobody cares, I won't waste the two seconds it takes to get this going.

Oh, and if you answer "Maybe" to the poll question, please leave a comment and tell me why.


Would You Buy A T-Shirt Like The One Above?

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