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Clark Out, Smyth In, Stastny Delayed

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From the Post:

As one key Avalanche player today prepared to return to the lineup, another was ruled out indefinitely.

Defenseman Brett Clark suffered a dislocated shoulder in the second period of the Avs' game against the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday night at the Pepsi Center and will miss considerable time, but Ryan Smyth will play against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday night. Smyth had been out with fractured ankle.

Star forward Paul Stastny will not play in the game against the Blues at the Pepsi Center as he continues to recover from a groin injury. Coach Joel Quenneville has said Stastny has recovered from an appendectomy, but the groin injury remains a problem.

Well crap.  I hope Clark's recovery is speedy, but I know that joint dislocations are nasty and his recovery will take a while.  As for Son Of Stastny, I recommend ice, and lots of it, but try not to freeze your balls off.  That's bad.

Smyth better tape that ankle of his.