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Drinkin' the Coach Q Kool Aid

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I guess ESPN columnists and Versus announcers aren't the only people starting to convince themselves that Avalanche Coach Joel Quenneville is somehow not just a good coach, but a great one.

In Dater's latest mail bag (yes, I really want to type "male bag," but Adrian seems like a nice guy, so I won't), a fan writes:

What gives? I've been an Avs fan since I thought they should be named the Grizzlies (before the Grizz moved to Utah), and I have yet seen an Avs coach do more with so little as Coach Q does. Why no love in Denver? Bloggers and posts here and elsewhere are always calling for his head! What do you say?

So much with so little?  Maybe a lot of people just kind of missed the first half of the season.  I understand, since the only teams that get any publicity anymore are Pittsburgh, Washington, Ottawa and Detroit.  Anyway, Dater responds:

Expectations were much higher, with Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan, but they were horrible on the road the first half, and the bloggers started going a little crazy, calling for his head. I called for everybody to keep cool, believing - and still do - that Q is a good coach.

Well now, don't get all high and mighty on us.  I've searched the last few mail bags and the All Things Avs archives, and I can't quite find where exactly he "called for everybody to keep cool."  Maybe I'm missing it---that's not hard to believe.  If I am, will someone please show me exactly where Dater called for bloggers (I assume MHH is included) to stop demanding Coach Q lose his job?

Anyway, even if he did, he's wrong and the fan who wrote the letter is wrong.  Regardless of how the team has played lately (it's still not all that great, unless you somehow forgot the pathetic 2-1 loss to Anaheim two days ago), any success they've had has been despite Q,  not because of him.  How many more posts like this do I have to write?  Seriously.  No, seriously.