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Game 58: Blues At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

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Man, Mile High Hockey's been on post overload all day.  Good lord, I must be bored.

Anyway, let's do this.

The St. Louis Blues have been sucking something awful lately, even if you include the win against Los Angeles the other day.  All that momentum they had at the start of the year is gone, pretty much.  Now they're just running on fumes and Paul Kariya's nightmares about Scott Stevens.  You know he still thinks about it all the time.  Ouch.

The Avalanche, on the other hand, are running on prescription pain killers, which might explain why they tend to fall asleep halfway through the second period of almost every game they play.  The whole team is hurt and full of Vicodin.

I'm excited about Ryan Smyth returning to the lineup tonight after a six week absence due to a broken ankle, but not because I want to see him play or think he'll contribute to the team.  I'm excited to see what new injury he'll no doubt suffer tonight.  Skrastins not withstanding, this team is cursed.

Speaking of injuries, Paul Stastny is still cruising on his couch while Kyle "Wheels" Cumiskey and Joe "Burden To The Team" Sakic are skating around here and there trying to toughen up their groins, which is not nearly as sexy a process as it sounds.

Finally, the Rocky Mountain News pointed out something I was trying to forget: John-Michael Liles hasn't scored a goal in 40 games.  Somebody better check that guy for hernias.  Ladies...

The game starts tonight at 7:00 PM Mountain time, 9:00 Eastern.  Unless something horrible happens to me, I'll be around for all the hot game thread action.  Thursday games are always big nights at MHH, so I expect to "see" everyone here and ready to post witty comments, racy pictures, and redundant announcements that a goal has been scored.

ESPN preview.

Addendum: Everyone, please remember that it's easier (and more effective) to ignore a comment you think is ridiculous than to respond to it.  Keep that in mind at all times.  Thanks.