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Game 60: Red Wings At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

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Well, the good news for the Detroit Red Wings is that they should have no trouble ending their six-game losing streak tonight against the Avalanche.  They're no doubt crazy motivated to win right now, playing against an old rival and struggling to regain the momentum that has carried them through the season up until just recently.  Of course, six straight losses means they still only have 15 for the whole season, but you know they're tired of seeing that "L" in the box scores.  

The Avs, on the other hand, are starting to embrace the L.  Or, I should say, "Commit To The L."  No team looks more committed to losing right now than Colorado, with the exception of the Flyers, of course.  Funny that those two teams are supposed to be the top two choices of Peter Forsberg, who is now rumored to be interested in playing for Minnesota.  If his ankle doesn't explode (it will), his superb two-way play would fit right in with the Wild's defense-first system.

Anyway, back to the Avalanche/Red Wings matchup tonight. I hate to give up hope, but I'm just not seeing any real success on the horizon for the Av-beens.  The coaching sucks, the power play sucks, Ryan Smyth's return hasn't been anything special, and I'm not sure Sakic and Stastny's returns will be either.  Even if the team makes the playoffs (they're currently ninth in the West), they'd surely make a very quick first round exit---at the hands of Detroit.  Is making the playoffs even worth that indignity?

The game is on Versus tonight.  Now the Avs can embarrass themselves and their fans in front of an almost national audience.  Sweet.

The game starts at 6:00 PM Mountain time, 8:00 PM Eastern.  Let's hope this game doesn't suck as bad as we all assume it will.

ESPN preview.