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Weekend Warriors

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Folks, I have great news. I have the solution to get the Avalanche into the playoffs and it doesn't involve firing the coach or trading all our players. My solution? Just play all our games on the weekend.

The Avalanche are 7-3 on Saturday and 7-3 on Sunday. Their 14-6 weekend record is a huge improvement over their 16-19-5 weekday record. And the 28 points they've captured on those two games accounts for 43% of the teams' total.

I don't really know why the team plays better on the weekend (maybe they are big Loverboy fans?), but it seems pretty clear that they do. On Saturday and Sunday, the team has outscored their opponents 74-51. They score 3.7 goals a game and allow just 2.6. On the weekday? They've been outpaced 91-115 (2.2/g vs 2.8/g). That's a huge swing offensively. Are our scorers getting fired up by Saturday morning cartoons? Whatever it is, the Avs have 8 more weekend games left and I hope they keep on doing what they're doing for those games.

One more bit of good news. Although they generally stink during the week, the best weekday for the Avalanche is...drumroll please...Wednesday! It's the only weekday that the Avs haven't been outscored on (30 goals scored, 30 goals allowed) and is the only weekday where they have a winning record (5-4-1). Of course, the status of both of those items would change tomorrow night with a loss...but do you really think we're going to lose to the Ducks?


Well, at least we'll be halfway to the weekend.