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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. III

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I'm still in a pretty foul mood when it comes to anything hockey related, especially Avalanche 'hockey' related, but I intend to soldier on.  I will NOT, however, be watching tonight's game against the 'Still Pretty-Damn Mighty' Ducks.  I have to think of the children after all.

  • Kukla has a linky to a story mentioning that Francois Giguere was in shadowy conversations with Toronto's front office. Most of the rumor mill has Andropov as the only guy likely to move due to no-trade clauses, but NT clauses can be waived pretty easily, so there's just as much likelihood that they were discussing something else.  
  • The Forechecker has ANOTHER quality post, this time pointing out the link between horrible faceoff percentages and special teams.  Not surprisingly, most of Colorado's numbers are highlighted in red.
  • Speaking of horrible powerplays, with the Blues going 3-for-7 against the Kings and then 3-for-6 against the 'Hawks, your 2007-2008 Colorado Avalanche are the sole owners of the WORST PP IN THE LEAGUE.  Think about that, folks!
  • For all you goalie-lovers and fantasy managers, here's a sweet website that ChrisSnider pointed out to me:  It gives a nice rundown of who's starting and who's wearing the ball cap on a nightly basis, plus has a game log for the season.  Here's a tip, unless you're a fan of flip-floppery in this election year, don't click on the Avs goalie game log.
  • Some goaltending equipment news this week:  Nabokov gets his face punctured by the cage on his mask, Luongo is ordered to cut off/tighten up a piece of his leg pads for ABSOLUTELY no reason, and now there is a group of NHL netminders who want to add advertisements to their jerseys as an alternate revenue stream.  I'm pretty sure that there is at least ONE sign of the apocalypse among those three stories...