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Game 61: Avalanche At Ducks, Preview And Open Thread

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In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series of novels, a vast, galaxy-spanning empire begins to fall apart.  At first it's barely even noticeable.  Only a few futurist mathematicians (called psychohistorians) even notice the tiny scraps of evidence that indicate something is wrong.  The empire itself doesn't notice, not until the conflicts on its borders become more than just mildly bothersome and whole star systems begin to fall out of control.  

Recognizing that the entropy is too big to prevent, a man named Hari Seldon and his followers set off to a distant, isolated corner of the galaxy to establish what effectively amounts to a giant backup disk---a "Foundation" that will maintain the legacy of the original empire after the inevitable collapse is complete.  Just as predicted the empire eventually dies and the long process of rebuilding must begin.

The Avalanche franchise is that empire, fraying and falling apart at the seems, unable to adjust to the changes around it.  A powerful, glorious history breaking apart to reveal a grim, uncertain future.  Francois Giguere has the opportunity to be the Avs' Hari Seldon, recognizing the writing on the wall and bravely setting the groundwork for a future resurgence.  Will he accept the challenge?  Will he take the necessary steps to let the current incarnation of the Avalanche finally die and make way for new opportunities and a new direction?

As an Avalanche fan, I hope Giguere is more than just "an accountant," but a hockey psychohistorian, an analyst with the keen eye to see what dangers lie ahead and a leader brave enough to create a new, better direction for the organization.

The jury is still out.  /nerd

Oh yeah, the Avs play the Ducks tonight, and the Ducks, looking to build an empire of their own, are still really good.  The Avs are probably going to lose, but you never know.  Some day they'll get sick of missing the playoffs.

Peter Budaj will be in net tonight and both Joe Sakic and Paul Stastny are traveling with the team, expected to return some time during this extended road trip.  Maybe.

The game starts at 8:00 PM Mountain time, 10:00 PM Eastern.  

ESPN preview.