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A Better Way To Pick A Starting Goalie

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With Peter Budaj getting the start in net last night for no good reason other than he must have stopped sleeping with Coach Q's wife, some of us may have wondered if a win against the Ducks would have propelled him back into the "starter" role---whatever that means.  Since Jose Theodore had been performing decently but still not winning, it stood to reason that maybe Q was tired of Theo (or Theo was just tired) and it was time for a change.

Well, with Budaj's loss you have to assume that Theodore will be right back in net against the Coyotes tomorrow night.

But instead of all this back and forth, guessing and waiting and whatnot, isn't there a better way to decide who should play in net than Coach Q's adultery-fueled dart board experiments?

The geniuses (savants?) at The Pensblog have a much better idea.  The Penguins are struggling with which goalie they should go with---the previous-starter-now-back-from-injury Marc Andre Fleury or the amazing-out-of-nowhere Ty Conklin.  Instead of boring, statistical analysis punctuated by a drawn-out, bitter pissing contest among readers in the comments thread, how about a jury trial?  Complete with true Photoshop wizardry!  This entry proves why The Pensblog is probably the best hockey blog (non-statistics-oriented) on the Internets.

Having laughed my abs into spasms reading that entry, I have come to realize that MHH has gotten waaaaaaaay too bitter and serious over the past couple of weeks.  Where did my sense of humor go?  Where did everyone's?  

Let's quit taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy the lunacy that now drives the Colorado Avalanche franchise.  You have to admit, the team has become a comedy of errors (coaching, defense, goaltending, injury, etc.) that can only be laughed at.  Why can't we laugh about this sorry ass team?  Are we that stuck up our own asses?