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Game 63: Avalanche At Oilers, Preview And Open Thread

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One would think that the Avalanche would have no problem beating the weaker Oilers tonight.  The Avs are still on the road, where they've played fairly well as of late (compared to their last few home games, which were atrocious), and the Paul Stastny is back in the lineup and scoring again (1g against Phoenix on Friday).

But this is the Colorado Avalanche we're talking about, and anything goes.  They're just as likely to lose 2-1 as they are to win 6-3.  Regardless, there are just 19 games left to play after tonight, and every match up, especially against division rivals, is critical.

Jose Theodore will be in goal again.  Joe Sakic has a very small 50/50 chance of playing tonight, but it's more likely that we'll see his he could return in the next Avs game on Tuesday against Calgary.  I'm unsure if Jeff Finger will be back after missing one game with an apparent hand injury.  Let's hope.

The game starts at 6:00 PM Mountain time, 8:00 PM Eastern.

ESPN preview.