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We Don't Know Anything About Hockey

Since Mile High Hockey's three front page contributors and just about all of its commenting members agree that Coach Joel Quenneville has systematically failed at his job all season long, we know nothing about hockey.

Hockey "experts" like Peter Ruttgaizer (Altitude Sports) and Sandy Clough (Sportsradio 950 The Fan) have decided that Avalanche blogs, message boards, and fans in general, are idiots because we have dared criticize the team's coach.  Their main argument: the team suffered injuries to the Three Esses and therefore all else is forgiven.

So let's put aside the league-worst power play, the horrific early-season goalie carousel (and a resurgent, much-improved Jose Theodore who still has a losing record), Tyler Arnason's very existence, Wyatt Smith and all the injustices done to Brad Richardson, and consider just one question:

How is it possible that a team with Joe Sakic, Ryan Smyth and Paul Stastny healthy and in the lineup was able to give up a two-goal lead and lose to the Edmonton Fucking Oilers?  

Give a man a microphone and he's even dumber than a man with a keyboard and an Internet connection.

I know it's a huge mental stretch here, but I have a feeling that Mr. Clough and Mr. Ruttgaizer are so scornful of fans and Coach Q critics because 1) they're either paid by or work with Altitude Sports, and/or 2) they fear that criticism would endanger their access to the team for interviews and press conferences.  

If I'm right, then those two are just paycheck-chasing cowards attacking the consumers of the product they help provide.  I'd like to think I'm not right.  Seems like a bad idea in the long run, I'd say.  Telling fans of a struggling team with declining ticket sales that they're stupid isn't going to help sell any more tickets, geniuses.  Without Avalanche fans following the team, you're out of a job.  

But what do I know, I'm just some clown on the Internet.  If I had a microphone shoved up my ass I might have a clue.

ADDENDUM: The audacity!  The gall!  

Coach Q was inexplicably left off of James Mirtle's "Who Deserves The Jack Adams" poll.  I guess he's an idiot, too.