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The Clock Is Ticking

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11:45: Just over three hours left before the trade deadline today at 3:00 PM Eastern time, and still no word from the Avalanche.  

TSN has already said that the only team Rob Blake would maybe accept a trade to would be Colorado, but no other details are available and it's all just speculation.  If it's true, it's good news for the 2001 Colorado Avalanche.  For the 2008 Colorado Avalanche?  Eh, not so much.

Brian Campbell is going to San Jose, Brad Richards is going to Dallas, so those guys are out as far as possible acquisitions...

11:50 UPDATE:
Wow.  The Canadiens dumped Christobal Huet to Washington.

12:15 UPDATE: The death of a meme!!  The Avs have traded Karlis Skrastins and a third round draft pick to the Florida Panthers for d-man Ruslan Salei.  Salei has 23 points in 65 games this season, and is 6-1, 212.  I won't lie, I know nothing about this guy at all.

12:55 UPDATE: TSN says Adam Foote is looking for a trade back to Colorado.  Foote says that's the only place he'll go if he doesn't re-sign with Columbus.  Seriously, it's like Francois Giguere jumped in the Way Back Machine.

1:03 UPDATE: Adam Foote has officially been traded to the Avalanche.  Not sure the details yet, but it sounds like a first round draft pick.  Holy crap what is Giguere thinking?

1:15 UPDATE: Sergei Fedorov will not be returning to Detroit, as was speculated by some.  Instead, Columbus has dealt him to Washington.  It appears as though the GM in central Ohio has decided to completely dismantle his team.  Maybe he'll send Rick Nash to the Avs.

1:25 UPDATE: The details of the Foote trade are as such: If the Avs make the playoffs this season, Columbus gets a first round pick in 2008; If the Avs miss the playoffs, Columbus gets a first round pick in 2009; If Foote re-signs with the Avs during the off-season, Columbus would get another 2008 pick, but not sure which round.

1:45 UPDATE: TSN says the Foote trade has thrown a monkey wrench in any possible Blake trade.  The word is that it is unlikely that the Kings will trade Rob Blake.

1:48 UPDATE: The more I think about it, the more I see the Avs making these acquisitions purely just to sell tickets.  Think about it.  Which players---not retired---would Avalanche fans most want to see back on the ice in the Burgundy and Blue?  Forsberg and Foote, hands down.  Is this anything more than a butts-in-seats ploy to boost lagging ticket sales, at least for the rest of this season?

2:25 UPDATE: Not much going on now with only 30 minutes left before the deadline.  I just want to thank everyone for participating in this thread and contributing some really great perspectives and observations.  MHH members are a classy bunch.

2:48 UPDATE: No deals announced for more than an hour, and only ten minutes left before the deadline.  Is this the quiet before the storm?

2:58 UPDATE: Marian Hossa goes to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Colby Armstrong, Eric Christiansen, Angelo Esposito and maybe a first round pick.  Ouch.  That's probably the biggest deal of the day.  The Pens also get Hal Gill from Toronto.

3:00 UPDATE: The deadline has been reached.  The TSN guys are freaking out about the Hossa trade, screaming that the Pens gave up way too much for a mere "rental player."  You have to assume that they considered Hossa's long-term concerns, but you never know.

3:14 UPDATE: The Kings trade Brad Stuart to the Red Wings for second and fourth round picks.  Rob Blake will remain with his current team and will not be traded.  That's good news for both the Kings and the Avalanche.

3:49 UPDATE: The TSN yackers are saying that all teams have finished their moves but they're still waiting for confirmation from Philadelphia and Colorado.  No pending trades necessarily.

4:15 UPDATE: TSN is saying all trades are done, all teams are finished dealing.  23 trades, 40+ players and 20+ draft picks involved.  The Avs made a great trade for Salei for Skrastins and a questionable trade of draft picks for Adam Foote.  It's great to see Footer back with the Avs but hopefully it doesn't cost Colorado their future down the road.  Forsberg better keep that ankle of his working, because I could potentially be very excited about my team again---at least for a few games.  It's been a while.