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Game 64: Avalanche At Calgary, Preview And Open Thread

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Hoo boy.  What a day.  The trade deadline has passed and the Avalanche are now the proud owners of Peter Forsberg, Adam Foote and Ruslan Salei.  They are minus one Karlis Skrastins, definitely a third round pick in 2008, and maybe a first round and a fourth round pick as well.  Only time (and Adam Foote) will tell on those.

I'm excited about the Skrastins trade because I was never excited about Skrastins.  I don't know much about Ruslan Salei's exploits with the Panthers (seriously, the Panthers are still a team?) but I've heard good things, and everyone seems to agree that he's an improvement over Skratch.  I'll gladly take that.

Forsberg, well, I'm glad he's back like I'm glad when my sick grandfather gets out of the hospital.  It's good to see him again but there's a nagging feeling that he won't be around for very long.  At least Foppa will only cost the Avs around $1 million and some pride if he goes down for good.

Footer, on the other hand, has some really strong upsides and some really strong downsides.  First of all, his heart has always been in Denver, and he'll no doubt play as hard as his 36 year-old body will let him once he hits the ice in the Burgundy and Blue again.  You know he'll give it his all, just like he has his entire career.  His all might not be quite so dominant or intimidating as it once was, but he's still a top four d-man and the team can only benefit from having him on board.  

Unfortunately, the possibility of losing future talent for waning talent is a trade-off any team should be reluctant to accept.  The Avs will no doubt fill a bunch of seats upon their return to the Pepsi Center next week, but if Footer and Foppa don't lead them to the playoffs, the excitement could be short-lived.  But enough doom and gloom.  Welcome back, Adam Foote.  No hard feelings for leaving.

It's been a long time since the Avs played my least favorite team, and it would be very sweet if they beat them tonight.  The Calgary Flame-Outs are in first place in the Northwest and have been riding some really strong showings by Kipper.  He's dominating the net again like he used to.  His teammates have been playing well, too.  Hopefully Foote, who's en route to Calgary as I type this, will help to shut down captain Jerome Iginla and his merry band of douche bags.  And I'd love to see Footer crush Dion Phadouche just once.

No word on if Salei will be playing tonight, since the weather in Florida has been horrible and it's a loooong flight to western Canada from there.  If he misses tonight, I'm sure he'll be at the Vancouver game tomorrow.

The game tonight starts at 7:00 PM Central time, 9:00 PM Eastern.  You gotta know I won't be missing this one.  See everybody here for a trip down memory lane.

ESPN preview.