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Game 65: Avalanche At Canucks, Preview And Open Thread

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Wow.  It's been a busy week.  Forsberg got signed, Foote got traded for, Skrastins got shipped off to the suckers in Florida (when have the Avs ever not gotten the best of the Panthers?), and I somehow got into a silly pissing contest with an angry talk radio host.  I should take a vacation.

The Avs should take one, too.  Tonight is the final game in a five-stop road trip that began last week.  The Avs beat Calgary in overtime last night, but it's even more important that they beat the Canucks in regulation tonight.  The Canucks are just two points ahead of them in the Northwest standings and also in the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.  Losing tonight is not an option.  If I've been wrong before, I'm not wrong now when I say that this is a must-win game.

Newly acquired d-man Ruslan Salei is present and accounted for and ready to join the team against the Bad Luck 'Nucks.  Though I don't know for sure, I'd assume that Kyle Cumiskey will be scratched tonight in favor of the former Panther.  

Peter Forsberg, the Avs' other trade deadline acquisition, skated today in Vancouver but has not yet been activated.  He is expected to skate with the team once they return to Denver this weekend and will hopefully be playing shortly thereafter.  One can hope.

The action starts at 8:00 PM Mountain time, 10:00 PM Eastern.  Woo hoo.

ESPN preview.