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Clough Still Doesn't Get It

Listening to Sandy Clough this morning, I was treated to more of his wildly generalized criticism of what he considers to be the faults of bloggers.  They're not accountable.  They're free to just say whatever they want without the threat of being fired for it.  They're uncritical of thoughts that coincide with whatever world view they may espouse.  They're just a collection of nodding heads.  They're not bound by the rigorous standards of journalism.

Call me crazy, but those sound like stereotypes of talk radio to me.  Mega dittos, Sandy.

I've now listened to The Sports Guys for two days in a row.  Yesterday, I was very impressed with the program, with Clough's presentation and with his temperance.  I didn't agree with everything he said, but he didn't come across as a pompous prick---like he did in the email exchange with thedoctor the other day.  

Today, with his co-host back, the show sounded more like that which Clough complains about.  Two people sharing unchallenged opinions that misrepresent their topic and serve only to reinforce their own world view.  No one called in with an alternative opinion.  In fact, no calls were taken at all.  Just two people, speaking from a position of authority, shaking their heads in disapproval at something they clearly don't fully understand.  He mentioned Mile High Hockey in only vague terms---not by name---and didn't, in any way, address any of the concerns I have brought up both here in posts and in a brief (and civil) email exchange with him yesterday.

For his listeners that aren't blog savvy, they have no idea that an alternative opinion (not to mention contradictory facts) to Clough's exists.  All they know is that "blogs aren't accountable" and bloggers just agree with each other and don't engage in arguments or check their facts.  If I made a post that  said, "Sandy Clough and all other talk radio hosts just bloviate to the nodding masses and never acknowledge differing opinions," I'd have 50 comments coming to his defense and attacking my assertion.  And that would be good, because my wild generalizations shouldn't be allowed to stand unchallenged.

Which form of media is superior in that regard?

As far as I'm concerned, this issue is done.  If Clough wants to continue to paint bloggers as morons with such a broad brush, that's fine.  But he should be aware that his words---meant to reinforce negative stereotypes about blogging---only serve to reinforce all those negative stereotypes about talk radio.

Sandy, if you want to discuss anything further, you have my email address.  And I hope you keep reading Mile High Hockey.  In fact, you should register for a free membership and start posting comments (and diary entries!) of your own.  I'd love to have you on board.