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photo courtesy of the Denver Post

Kudos to Adrian Dater for keeping us so ridiculously up to date on the details of Peter Forsberg's P-1 work visa status.  Apparently, Foppa is good to go and will join the Avalanche if they hold a morning skate tomorrow morning:

Although Forsberg has said he wanted to get at least one full practice in with the Avs before playing his first game, it is not out of the question that he could play against the Kings. He skated hard for a second consecutive day Thursday in Vancouver. The Avalanche might have a morning skate Saturday, allowing Forsberg to acclimate himself to his teammates. The Avs usually don't have a morning skate on days when a game starts before 7 p.m. but were contemplating whether to have one largely because of Forsberg.

So, it's not a sure bet, but there's a chance some fair-weather fans at the Pepsi Center tomorrow night will not have bought tickets in vain.  I mean, they wouldn't have gone to see "their team" if it hadn't been for Foppa's signing, of course.  While I don't blame local fans for skipping Avalanche games due to the ridiculous cost of tickets, or the overall mediocre performance of the team over the past two seasons (which, of course, is not the fault of the coach), it does kind of bother me that everyone is rushing out to catch the games now that Foppa has returned.  Don't get me wrong, I totally understand it and would love to sit in The Can with them, but it just seems kind of false to me.  

Anyway, the real question at hand is not when Forsberg will play, but for how long?  He's skating hard and healthy in practice, but will his ankles hold up under the rigors of a full contact NHL game?  And you have to know that pests all over the Western Conference will be gunning for him.  Is Scott Parker ready to bash some heads?  Okay, that was a silly question---of course he is.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm cautiously optimistic about Forsberg's return to the team.  I want to be really excited, but there are just so many possibilities that could result in disappointment.  Let's hope none of them come true.  

The transcript of Forsberg's conference call with the team can be found here.