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The Devil Comes Down to Denver

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According to the always lovable Terry Frei, everbody's favorite munchkin will be attending the Avs-'Yotes game tonight. Yep, Gary Bettman has decided to grace the Colorado market with his presence.

I'm not a 100% hater for Bettman.  A ton of people point to him as the overwhelming orchastrator of the decline in popularity of the NHL.  I tend to think this blame is misplaced.  He works for the owners.  His job is to make them money and make them look good.  His job is to be the face of league ownership.  He's done all those things.  It's not his job to be a steward of the league or the game.  He's the PR guy for the owners.  Do you blame Ronald McDonald for the ridiculous McRib reunion tours?  No, you blame the Mickey Dee's higher-ups.  And rightfully so, that 'sandwich' is reprehensible.

So why do right-thinking hockey fans all hate Bettman?  He's short.  That's right, I said it.  YOU'RE ALL THINKING IT!!  Canadians and US hockey fans hate short people.  Unless they score goals by the bunches.