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Mike's Miscellany™ Vol. II

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It's everybody's favorite alliteration, Mike's Miscellany™!  Here's some of the random thoughts that have flittered through my top 3% brain in recent solar cycles.

  • Happy Fat Tuesday!  Here's what I'm currently scarfing...  
  • As a fellow uni-nerd, like my brethren Joe and DD, one of my biggest pet peeves is logo creep.  Like the giant RBK logo in the contrasting color block on the back of the Avs unis.  RBK has a real problem with it, but nobody can match the sheer volume of logo creep churned out by Nike.  That's why, when I saw this story, a small part of me smiled.
  • This Pittsburgh commercial makes me laugh for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: Talbot's McLovin impression, Gonchar's 'acting', and Malkin staring at the keys like they would reveal the secrets of the world.
  • I can't stop watching this vid either.  POKECHECK! Guaranteed to brighten your day.  And no, these aren't the new equipment rules for next season...
  • The Forechecker says that Liles has the best Penalty +/- on the team after Son of Stastny.  Too bad he might be wearing another sweater before the season is over.
  • Random Goaltending Equipment term (lifted from the GoalieBoard Wiki):

Ankle-to-knee (ATK)  - the distance (usually measured in inches) between the outside ankle bone (some manufacturer's use inside ankle bone/medial malleolus) and the middle of the knee (patella). This is the most common measure used to determine the appropriate pad size for a particular goalie. Best measured with a flexible tape measure.

  • Speaking of goalie equipment, here's the backplate to MY lid:

         Mike's Backplate
Bonus points for anybody that can name all the components to that image.