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Game 54: Coyotes 4, Avalanche 3 (OT)

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photo courtesy of David Zalubowski/AP

I don't really have the enthusiasm or energy necessary to write an extended recap about this game.  Between some lousy goals and some lousy non-calls by the refs, the Avs dropped a point to the Phoenix Coyotes in overtime, losing 4-3.

For the first time in a while, I think Coach Q is right, so I'll just let him do the talking for me.  About the game-winning goal credited to former-Av Radim Vrbata (but actually scored by Shane Doan---the officials couldn't even get that right):

Colorado coach Joel Quenneville was steamed that anybody got credit for the goal at all. He said he saw the referee bring the whistle to his mouth, leading him to conclude the play was going to be blown dead.

"I disagree with the call. The intention's to blow the whistle, you don't blow the whistle because the puck went over the goal line," Quenneville said. "His intention was to blow the puck dead before the puck went in. Plus, the guy jumped on the goalie. Interference. Blow the whistle at that time of the game. It was a ridiculous non-call and I'm upset."

Dater is pretty pissed, too.

Despite the loss, TJ Hensick had another great night, scoring two goals (both on the PP), while Lappy and call-up Brad Richardson teamed for the other Colorado score.  It's pretty clear that both Richardson and Hensick deserve to stick around when Paul Stastny comes back late this week, but there won't be room (Arnason isn't going anywhere) and one will have to go.  I have a feeling we'll be saying goodbye to Richie again, unfortunately for him.

Things could be worse.  The Avs got a point out of the fiasco, and Calgary lost to Edmonton, moving Colorado out of a tie with Dion's Phadouches and into second place in the Northwest, just two points behind Minnesota.  The Avalanche are now fifth in the Western Conference playoff standings, tied in points with Anaheim.

The next game is Wednesday night on the road against the Sharks, and it will no doubt be a tough game for the Avs.  The Sharks are a strong team and have considerably improved their home record since stinking up the HP Pavilion early in the season.  

Stars of the Game:

  1. Shane Doan (0g, 2a)
  1. TJ Hensick (2g, 0a)
  1. Radim Vrbata (2g, 0a)