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Game 55: Avalanche At Sharks, Preview And Open Thread

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Let's see here, what's going on today?  Oh, right, the Avs are back on the road with a game against the Sharts, I mean the Sharks, at the lovely HP Pavilion.  I honestly don't know what's dumber, naming a computer model after a type of building or naming a building after a computer model named after a type of building.  Lame x 1000.

At any rate, San Jose has been pretty good this year, and are chasing Dallas for the top spot in the Pacific.  They're doing this while suffering a significant lack of scoring among guys they've been able to count on in the past.  As Mirtle's list indicates, Jonathan Cheechoo and three other dudes are not getting it done like they used to.  

Unfortunately for the Avs, some of their players are on the list, too.  Joe Sakic is included, but really, the poor guy played the first 20 games of the season with an undiagnosed sports hernia (which explains why he looked 78 years-old instead of 38).  Cut Super Joe a break.  

The others, Liles and Brunette, will get no such pass from me---they are seriously sucking (at least offensively) this season.

But while I have little sympathy for the Male Model and Bruno, I do take issue with a comment made in a Sharks blog about their inclusion on the list:

Most of the other players on the list play for bad teams, probably partially because of their decreased output (Colorado, Buffalo, Florida, Washington).

Uh, excuse me?  The Avs aren't exactly tearing up the league, but I hardly think a 28-21-5 record in the insanely competitive Northwest Division qualifies them as a "bad team" like Buffalo, Washington and Florida.  The Avs have six points more than all of those teams, and two of them play in the Southleast Conference, where the Lake Erie Monsters would dominate.

Dude, it's totally on.

Jose Theodore will be back in net tonight, and Peter Budaj will return to his still-warm seat on the bench.  Paul Stastny is technically day-to-day, but all signs point to him returning to the Avs lineup on Saturday against the Canucks in Vancouver, which is okay as long as he doesn't ever get hurt again.  Ever.

The game starts tonight at 8:30 PM Mountain time, 10:30 PM Eastern.  It being such a late game, I may not make it the whole way through, especially if the Avs take a dump on the ice like I always fear they'll do.  Anyway, see you all here for the thread.

ESPN preview.