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Avalanche Wins Super Tuesday Voting...By A Landslide

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The Denver Post held an online vote yesterday as part of their Super Tuesday election coverage, to gauge which of the four major league teams in town is the favorite among residents.  The poll, obviously completely unscientific and with a margin of error of about +/- 20, proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Avalanche are still the top ticket in the Mile High City:

Forget red or blue — we're a burgundy state. ...

The Avalanche scored two major victories over the Broncos in key primary voting, as The Post was projecting Tuesday evening that the Avs, with a resounding 69.7 percent of the tally, were the runaway winner as "favorite team." ...

The Broncos, by comparison, earned 14.3 percent of the vote as favorite team. The football team has been hampered by poor approval ratings since October.

Actually, the Avs crushed the entire field, stomping the Rockies and the Nuggets as well.  And the Pepsi Center's hockey set-up won for best sports venue.  Also interesting is the fact that Coach Q decisively won the race for "Top Coach Or Manager," over runner-up Clint Hurdle of the Rockies.  So, uh, those who responded to the poll might not be the brightest crayons in the box, but whatever.

So what else does this poll actually tell us?  While it does indicate at least some significant interest in the Avalanche, despite the high cost of tickets and their recent mediocre performance, some things it also suggests are:

  • More hockey fans may have voted in the poll than other fans.
  • More hockey fans may read the Post's web site than other fans.
  • Hockey fans may be more likely to vote in online polls than other fans.
  • The Broncos suck and everyone hates them.

Despite the fact that these poll results are about as useful as the Fan Cost Index, I think it's pretty clear that Denver is most definitely still a hockey city, and the Avs are still the most-loved team in town.  Suck it, Fanhouse.