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Recap: Avalanche 3, Sharks 1

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Dear Gary,

This is normally the point in the day where I write my insightful recap of the previous night's Colorado Avalanche game. But I've got a little problem, and I hope you can help me out with it.

You see, Gary, I live on the East Coast. Normally, it's not a big deal to follow a team that's two time zones away. I shell out for DirecTV's Center Ice programming each year, and they only occasional fuck it up so that I can't watch my game. The only time I run into trouble is with the West Coast games, like the one last night.



I'm not a young man, Gary. I may have been at one point in my life, but that is no longer the case. I need my sleep. And it's really tough to do that when I'm watching a hockey game that starts at 10:30 where I'm at. This was a key game for us - must-win, if you will - and I tried my best. I got through the entire first period without much trouble. It helped that the period was enjoyable; my Avs outshot the Sharks 13-4 and got a pretty goal when Ben Guite deflected a Brett Clark point shot past Evgeni Nabokov to give the team a 1-0 lead at the intermission (apparently, the Avalanche have led just 12 times after the first period). There was a lot of other cool stuff in the first period too. Cody McLeod clipped Joe Thornton in the face with his stick and then got in a fight with Mike Grier. I'm a bit worried about McLeod, Gary. He had that late hit on Lilja...or Lebda...or Lulu - I don't know, some guy on the Red Wings with an 'L' in his name - the other day, and now this "accidental" high stick. Is he operating just a bit beyond his level of control?

Anywho, it was a fun first period. But by the time I got through intermission (where I got to see Ian Laperriere on a garbage truck for the 200th time), my eyelids were getting heavy. The 2nd period didn't start until 11:15 or so. I wanted to stay awake, but I just couldn't do it. I did stick around long enough to see Sandis Ozolinsh make a great pass on the powerplay to lead to Patrick Marleau's goal, but that was about it for me. I missed TJ Hensick's 6th goal of the season (that dude has all four of our powerplay goals in February). I'm told that also was a deflection of a Brett Clark point shot - man, I wish Clark would shoot more often. I guess I also missed a great game by Jose Theodore, who has really turned his career around. Bummer.

So, Gary, do you think it's possible to do something about those start times? Even moving the West Coast games back an hour would be, like, totally rad. That would mean they would start at 9:30 where I'm at - no different than most of the other Avalanche games that I watch. Would it be that much of a hardship for the good people of San Jose to have a game at 6:30? That one hour would make all the difference in the world to us in the east. I figure if we can figure out a way to make glowing pucks, outdoor hockey games, and ugly jerseys that make players move whateverpercent faster, moving a game up an hour to allow for hockey fans across North America to watch the game with falling asleep at their desks the next morning shouldn't be a difficult task. Right?

Thank you in advance,

Grumpy Old Hockey Fan.


  1. Hlinka, Brunette, Hejduk

  2. Arnason, Wolski, Svatos

  3. Guite, Richardson, Laperriere

  4. Hensick, McLeod, McCormick

On defense, the Avalanche were Skrastins Not Withstanding for the 2nd straight game...

  • Colorado's three goal scorers on the night were Ben Guite, TJ Hensick and Jeff Finger. Finger and Guite were in the AHL at the beginning of last season, and Hensick, of course, was still in college.

  • Despite his 3-game scoring streak, Hensick has not gotten much ice time. He had just 9:55 TOI last night, and a good chunk of that (3:43) was on the powerplay. He hasn't topped 11 minutes in any of the last 3 games.

  • John-Michael Liles led the team in blocked shots (3) for the second straight game. On the other side of the ice, the Sharks were led in blocked shots by Sandis Ozolinsh (also 3).

  • The "change from last year" graphic above reflects season highs in all three categories (well, season low for goals scored).


The Avalanche take on the Canucks in Vancouver Saturday night.


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