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Game 56: Avalanche At Canucks, Preview And Open Thread

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As has become custom for the Avalanche this season, their previous injury reports are never quite as accurate as they could be.  After more than a week of "Stastny will be back on Saturday against the Canucks," it seems that he actually won't be.  The team considers him "questionable" for the game and he's still on the injured reserve.  Pending a miracle, he won't play tonight.

Jose Theodore will play, however, as his back seems fine after his dominant win against the Sharks earlier in the week.  If his play continues to be as amazing as it has been, the Avs won't miss Stastny as much as they could.

As far as the importance of this game, it's---I'm unafraid to say---a must-win.  A win tonight could spring the Avalanche back into first place in the Northwest Division and stall Vancouver's ascent at the same time.  A loss could mean the Avs would be battling for the last Western Conference playoff spot.  Again.

The game starts at 8:00 PM Mountain time, 10:00 PM Eastern.  Because UofL plays Georgetown tonight in what will probably be the best college basketball game of the season, I likely won't be watching the Avs.  But I know you will be, so contribute to this thread!

ESPN preview.