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Things Could Be Worse...

The loss last night to the Stars, and the loss of more key players to injuries, was a bummer, no doubt.  Just when we were getting all excited about the playoffs and Peter Forsberg, Adam Foote and a back-in-business Jose Pimp Cane Theodore, the rug got pulled out from under us.

But things could have been worse.  

The Avalanche could have been forced to wear tie-dyed jerseys, like the poor boys up in Cleveland had to do:

I bet TJ Hensick (pictured) wishes he was still suiting up in the Burgundy and Blue (even the sad, current versions of the Avs' uniprons).

I can't, for the life of me, find any explanation whatsoever for this horrendous fashion disaster.  I've checked the Monsters site and can't find any answers.  Anyone know why those poor guys were forced to wear such horrible uniforms?

(hat tip to my overlords at UniWatch)

And, in other uniform-related news, Jeff Finger is now wearing a visor.  Before the mysterious "hand injury" last week, he went visor-less.  Since he's been back, the shield has been in full force.  While Mike Haynes and Peter McNab have talked about it, to my knowledge nobody has actually asked Finger why he suddenly grew a brain and decided to start protecting his eyeballs like a sane person.  If anyone knows the story behind this, feel free to share it with us.