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Game 70: Stars 3, Avalanche 0

I would do a game recap if the Colorado Avalanche had actually played a hockey game yesterday.  They didn't, so I won't.

The real news is that the entire team is now injured.  

Peter Forsberg faked out everyone and hurt his groin instead of his ankle, or he hurt his ankle and the team is just lying about it.  Or they've misdiagnosed it.  Or he's just tired and needed to rest.  One of those scenarios might be true.  At any rate, he didn't play yesterday and there's no word on when he might return.

Adam Foote's hip is still sore because he's an old man.  It's reportedly a minor ailment and he could return soon.  Or not.

Steve Ott is a trap!  First he leveled Jordan Leopold into the boards with a highly questionable hit, and Leoprone left the game with the wind knocked out of him.  Then, Ruslan Salei tried to fight Ott in Leopold's defense, which is admirable, except that Salei can't fight and Ott may have broken his orbital bone in the ruckus.  More tests will likely confirm that Salei also has a ruptured kidney or something.  No word on when either Leopold or Salei will return, if ever.  They might be in comas, you never know.

So we all pretty much got excited over nothing.  A six-game win streak snapped like a twig, four injuries to important players, no solid prognoses, and a tough schedule remaining.  

I'd love to say "it's not over yet," but if these injuries are serious and/or long-term, it's pretty much over.  

Oh yeah, and you should never play Jose Theodore in games on back-to-back days.  I'd hate to say I told Coach Q so, but I did, and I will.  

But please remember that I don't know anything about hockey.

Stars of the Game:

  1. The Stars

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