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Call The Doctors, Stat!

I want to make a quick post about the Avalanche medical team before we let things go too far when it comes to criticism.

I have to admit, we've given the medical team a lot of grief this season, especially for the Joe Sakic "it's a groin pull, oh wait, it's a major hernia" fiasco, not to mention the Kurt Sauer "it's whiplash, and uh, it's a concussion, too" incident.  The Paul Stastny groin pull while rehabbing after an appendectomy didn't go over very well with us, either.  And now, with Peter Forsberg out with a mysterious groin pull of his own, the temptation to lay into the Avalanche doctors and trainers gets even harder to resist.

But, let's cut them just a bit of slack---if just for a second.  The medical team, led by Dr. Andrew Parker (pictured doing his best Coach Q impersonation), an orthopedic surgeon with 20 years of experience (and no pending malpractice suits), are trained professionals and we're not.  We didn't go to medical school, and we don't have to care for injured hockey players.  While we are free to criticize the players because they are paid to entertain us, even though none of us plays in the NHL, we have to remember that doctors and trainers are paid to take care of the players, and how they do so is beyond our ability to judge.  Sure, it may seem like they've been completely inept this season, but we don't know all the details.  And remember, they've been seriously over-worked this season.

What kind of injury haven't they seen?  Besides all the injuries to their own players, the Avalanche medical team has had to treat other players, too.  Like when Corey Perry took a skate to the leg and had to have a ligament repaired.  Dr. Parker was the guy that had to care for him.  The medical team and trainers no doubt have a tough job to do, and they do it well, I'm sure.

Even if it looks pretty bad.  I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I'm still going to keep making snarky remarks about the injuries themselves because this season's tally has just gotten ridiculous.  So docs and trainers, no hard feelings.  Do the best job you can do and take care of our wounded boys.  Thanks.