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Good night for idle Avs

The Avs were off last night, but didn't lose any ground in the standings. Calgary and Vancouver both lost in regulation - Calgary to the Capitals and Vancouver to the Ducks.

The NW standings going into tonight

  1. Calgary, 82 pts, 12 game remaining

  2. Colorado, 82 pts, 11 gr

  3. Minnesota, 81 pts, 12 gr

  4. Vancouver, 80 pts, 12 gr

With the way the West is lining up, it seems like the NW teams will be fighting for the 3, 6, 7 and 8 seeds. Right now, Nashville is 9th, 2 points behind the Canucks.

All five NW teams play tonight. The Avalanche host the Edmonton Oilers (who, at 7 points behind the Canucks, still have an outside chance of sneaking in). The Flames visit those lousy Thrashers. The Wild are hosting the Devils (our next opponent) and the Canucks are visiting the Coyotes (another team still hanging on to some postseason hopes). Depending on how everything goes down tonight, the Avalanche could find themselves anywhere from 1st to 4th in the division.